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There were three main epoch-making changes in the western art history, Greek art, Renaissance and Impressionism. I know there are still many opinions about the Impressionism. However, I think it was the beginning of the fall of the old art world and it is not concluded yet. We Japanese had learned a lot from abroad. In the beginning of Meiji era, when the impressionism arose, about 150years ago, we translated "Art" into Japanese "Bijutu", which means literally an asceticism of beauty, whereas we translated "Music" into "Ongaku", which means a joy of sound, that translation I really like. Unfortunately there are still no words or even ideas in Japan such as painting holidays, painting breaks and painting away. Nowadays I am absorbed in painting with watercolour on the spot. And I just want to let Japanese know not just how to paint but how to enjoy painting holidays. My future goal is to have my own studio in Japan and invite many friends from all over the world as well from Japan to paint and talk together.

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In 70's and 80's I was painting some kind of transportable murals like Jackson Pollock, in respect of those size. I think I was dreaming a lot those days. And I was looking for similar images from media Then accumulate those images and synthesize those into a big picture. It was a kind of montage picture. If I had a computer, I fell into rapture. One day I found it very hard to bring and carry in to the small gallery. I began to paint unstretched roll canvas.
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